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We offer multiple types of extensions – Hand Tied, I-Tips, K-Tips, Volume Wefts, IBE Extensions, and Tape-In’s. We are exclusive carriers of  Bellami brand extensions. The type of extension and brand you choose can be determined during a consultation with your stylist.


Please email to schedule a consultation or if you have additional questions. Please note emails will be returned in 24-48 hours.


Consultation fee: A $25 non-refundable extension consultation fee is required and charged when booking. This will be subtracted from the service the day of.

Hair purchase: The deposit for the hair must be paid before the initial installation appointment can be set. The hair extensions must be received at Smitten and checked by your stylists before we are able to book the installation appointment.
Smitten does not retail hair. Hair is only available to the client for services performed by our stylists, not for purchase.

Adjustments and move ups: All recommended maintenance appointments for each extension type offered are listed below. Please note – when booking an adjustment/move up appointment, you MUST SEE THE SAME STYLIST you saw for your initial installation appointment. Each stylist is certified in a specific method, and it is imperative that they continue to adjust/move up their own work.


First time install pricing:

  • Hand Tied – Starts at $700/hour
    • Maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks starts at $400/hour
  • Volume Weft – Starts at $700/hour
    • Maintenance appointments every 4-8 weeks starts at $275/hour
  • I-tip/K-tip – Starts at $500/hour
    • Maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks starts at $275/hour
  • Tape-In’s – Starts at $300/hour 
    • Maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks at $200/hour


The total price is determined at the consultation. Pricing is based on your hair type and what is needed to reach your hair goal. Maintenance appointments are based upon how fast your hair grows. Color is not included.


IBE Extensions:

IBE is for any client looking for extensions that give much desired length and volume with an “invisible” finish. The extensions are light, flexible, and the beads are invisible. IBE extensions require a consultation with our IBE certified specialist. Prices are based on clients desired look, length and fullness of the hair.

IBE extensions start at $800 per row, which includes an install, custom weft coloring, and cut/blending. Final pricing is determined at the initial consultation due to desired length. Cost of hair is not included.